Grand Central

Grand Central

This 590 square foot residence is using the style of modern Japanese design. Located in a new development in the heart of Kwun Tong city center, the two-room apartment has been transformed into a serene and peaceful living space for a couple and their child.

The entire home is adorned with wood, which creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. The living and dining area features furniture sourced directly from Japan, adding an authentic touch to the space. The bedroom features a wooden lattice screen, which serves as a room divider and adds a decorative element to the room.

By incorporating wood as the primary material and adding Japanese-inspired elements throughout the home, we have created a serene and peaceful living space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


位置: 觀塘凱匯
Location: Grand Central

呎數: 590尺
Size: 590 sq ft

單位類別: 3 房 2 廳
Flat Type: 3 Bedrooms

Year : 2021